Research:  Worked with hundreds of research studies as investigator, Social Science Research Board member, advisor, consultant, editor of three books that are collections of research studies, editorial board of two academic journals, grant writer, and editor of communication journal.  Lines of research:  Communication, eLearning, communication technology, communication education.  Guided research by more than 100 graduate students.  Published edited books containing research by more than 75 US and 25 international colleagues.


Professor Currently full-time, Professor, Communication, Journalism, and Public Relations, Park University (9 years).  Previous employment:  Professor, Communication Studies, University of Missouri, Kansas City (18 years).


Leadership Currently Program Coordinator.  Former strategic planner for an economic development district.  Former basic course director.  Former departmental Director of Assessment and Director of Graduate Program. 


Published 10 books (one in 12th edition), published 6 instructor’s manuals (3 in second or later edition), provided Web development for 4 publishers, and published 50 book chapters, articles, and research reports.


Edited National Communication Association's (NCA) The Communication Teacher (3 years) and served on the editorial board of NCA's scholarly journal entitled Communication Education (3 years).


Educated in Higher Education Administration and Communication.  Studied at Michigan State University, University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Arkansas, and University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Special training in teaching students with special needs and English language learners.  In the past 10 years, completed more than 30 graduate credit hours in the online format.


Service:  University Assessment Committee,  Social Science Institutional Review Board.


Worked internationally in Ghana, Jamaica, and the People's Republic of China.


Obtained $3.5 million in competitive grant funding, including $1.5 million as primary grant writer, others as collaborative team member.

Dr. Joan E. Aitken


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Joan E. Aitken


Communication on the Internet,
by Shedletsky & Aitken

Interpersonal Concepts and Competencies

by Berko, Aitken, Wolvin

Prisoners Paroled to the Violent Streets

by Sharp & Aitken

Cases on Online Discussion and Interaction

by Shedletsky & Aitken

Communication Technology for Students in Special Education
by Aitken, Fairley, & Carlson


Communicating, 12th edition,
by Berko, Wolvin, Wolvin, Aitken.

Cases on Communication Technology
for Second Language Acquisition and
Cultural Learning,
by Aitken

Internet by Shedletsky & Aitken


Sharp & Aitken Book Cover

Shedletsky & Aitken edited book cover.

Aitken edited book cover

Aitken receives Park University award, 2010.

Listening to a student describe the origin of his people.

An amazing break from teaching in the People's Republic of China.

"Distinguished Faculty Scholar."  The President's Award was presented by President Michael Droge, Park University.

Playing soccer with Goofy.

Enjoying Denali National Park.


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